giant garden games - photo collage of games

Giant Garden Games for Hire

So, you’re planning a wedding or other large gathering and you want something a bit different. Either in place of a modern beat combo or disco – or to bridge the gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the wedding singer starting their set. Have you considered giant garden games? They might be just what you’re looking for. Who doesn’t love Connect Four or Jenga? Well they’re even more fun in outsize form.

Scenes from a Winter Wonderland Wedding-Fabulous Functions UK

Creating a Winter Wonderland Wedding: the back story

This is the story of turning a field into a winter wonderland wedding venue A lot goes in to making a function fabulous. It’s a story in and of itself, of co-operation and collaboration with other suppliers. There are those directly involved in the event concerned. The photographer, the cake supplier, the wedding planner (if it’s … Continue reading Creating a Winter Wonderland Wedding: the back story

Place cards - wedding guests

Place Cards and Escort Cards

Place Cards and Escort Cards If you’re asking yourself ‘is there a difference between escort cards v place cards?’ The answer is yes. There is. Though it's easy to confuse the two. Despite appearances the two are not interchangeable. Indeed, as this article from Brides.Com explains, they have quite separate – albeit complementary functions.