A Silver & Grey Theme wedding decor featuring silver grey table cloth, silver satin and silver lace sashes white charger plates with diamante rims. Blush pinlk flower wall and white florals with greenery-Fabulous Function UK

A Silver and Grey Wedding Theme

Kerry and Mark went for a silver and grey wedding theme for their reception at the Stanton House Hotel in Swindon. Such a décor could easily have felt cold and clinical. So to prevent that happening they softened and complemented it with a pastel flower wall. Positioned behind the top table it made a stunning backdrop that introduced a hint of colour and femininity to an otherwise sharp and sophisticated A silver and grey wedding theme.
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Roses are one of the 8 popular wedding flowers to add to your bouquet and floral arrangements

8 Popular Wedding Flowers

Popular wedding flower choices will depend on a range of factors, not least of which is personal preference. Other factors include seasonal availability and regional trends. Yet for all that, certain flowers are ever-popular choices for weddings thanks to their symbolism and versatility. Not to mention of course, their beauty.
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Vintage Wedding Styling Ideas - a small bowl with a string of pearls cascading out of it

Vintage Wedding Styling Ideas

There's no denying that the more high-tech the world becomes the more many of us hanker for days gone by. The creators of the technology we use understand this and use icons, called skeuomorphs, that retain ornamental designs necessary in the original. So, when we save a Word document we click on an icon showing a floppy disk - how long have they been gone now? In a similar vein, we have an image of an old-fashioned waste bin for our electronic trash and an actual camera instead of the lens that our smartphones actually have. To name but a few. This hankering for the past extends to clothing: many people like to dress in vintage style and interior design too.
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