Fabulous Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk Wedding Flowers, Bouquets, and Buttonholes

Silk wedding flowers are a beautiful alternative for your wedding flowers! And you know weddings love flowers – whether it’s bouquets and buttonholes or statement floral arrangements for your venue. Using silk flowers also works for the couple who are concerned about sustainability and creating less waste during their wedding celebration. We have created some fabulous silk floral designs over the years and here are a mere few of them for your perusal.

Fabulous Silk Floral Designs and Alternatives

We love that bouquets don’t always have to have flowers in them. With that in mind, we’ve created some alternatives. Below we show a feather fan with beading details and a pearl and crystal bouquet. We also have a Cala Lily bouquet created in the shape of a half-moon.

Feather Bridesmaids fan a lovely alternative to a floral bouquet.

You can add a combination of elements to the creation of your silk wedding flowers . Use beads and crystals as embellishments. Or feathers, grasses, brooches, dried florals. Anything that takes your fancy in fact.

Perhaps you have something that has been passed down in your family and you want it to be a part of your wedding day?
We can use that to create a bouquet that’s unique and personal to you. And one that you definitely won’t want to throw over your shoulder. Indeed we have a blog on the topic of throwing the bouquet – and why you might want to rethink that particular tradition.
It’s one of many traditions that modern brides are examining, rethinking, and often going a different way.

This particular one stems (see what we did there?) from a time when marriage for women was a social and economic necessity. Not allowed to work, women needed a husband to ‘keep them’ – to support them economically…

… It doesn’t take a big leap of imagination then to grasp that a woman getting married was LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY.

And therein lies the root of the tradition of tossing the bouquet. People thought that, if they touched the bride, her luck would rub off on them. But we’re not talking simply touching the bride’s hand here. Oh no. It was far more invasive than that! …’ But read the blog to find out more!

Make your own traditions

But it’s for you to make your own traditions, follow your own heart’s desires, and create the scene you have always dreamt of. Go big and bold, with fabulous statement displays, or opt for subtle and timeless with dreamy colour combinations. Or even quirky or whimsical by incorporating your hobbies and following a theme.

Bouquets can be so different and all so beautiful.

See also our blog all about the bridal bouquet. It covers a few of the things you need to think about in planning what you want from your bouquet.

Silk Wedding Flowers

Do bear in mind that, if you want a floral bouquet you don’t have to have fresh flowers. There are many compelling reasons for opting for silk flowers. In our blog, 7 benefits of silk flowers and foliage we explore that very subject.
‘If you’ve recently become engaged and are embarking on the wedding planning process then the use of silk flowers and foliage in both your bouquet and venue-dressing is well worth considering. They are far more realistic in appearance than they once were. Technology has improved them no end and the good quality ones are almost indistinguishable from the real thing…’

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Your Choice of Wedding Flowers

As a wedding florist and venue stylist we have many years of experience creating beautiful wedding floral designs. We would love to chat with you to help guide you in your choice of flowers for your wedding. Whether you choose silk wedding flowers or fresh flowers for your designs, the choice is your and we will create the most beautiful wedding flowers for you.

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Creating luxury wedding flowers using beautiful sulk or fresh flowers for your wedding floral designs

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