Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn in Tetbury - Styled by Fabulous Functions UK

Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn

January 2022

Amy and Jerrad’s Wedding at Kingscote Barn, Tetbury

Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn
Amy is a returning customer – Fabulous Functions UK did the décor for her birthday party a few years ago – something she’d loved. So you can imagine our delight when she messaged us to say she’d met the love of her life, was planning her wedding celebrations and wanted us as part of her wedding planning team! Excited doesn’t cover it!

We arranged to meet for a coffee and an initial planning meeting in a cosy little pub in Devizes – with social distancing and masks in play to meet Covid regulations.

Initial planning meeting for Amy and Jerrad’s wedding at Kingscote Barn

It was great to meet up with Amy and her lovely mum and listen as she described the vision she had for her wedding venue décor. We explored ideas and suggestions, discussed colour scheme and made suggestions for other suppliers needed for the day.

I’d brought samples to show Amy. It’s so helpful to see the fabrics, compare colours and combinations where possible and make choices based on that knowledge. We created a beautiful vision and I was super excited to get started.

Wedding location

Amy and Jerrad had chosen Kingscote Barn in Tetbury for their wedding celebrations – a beautiful venue with much indoor and outdoor space for the couple and their guests to enjoy.

As part of our service, we include an on-site visit, approximately one month before the wedding date. This gives our couples a chance to walk through the venue and envision the décor they have chosen. Confirm locations for their accessories and make any last-minute changes. Amy and Jerrad’s Kingscote Barn wedding was no exception and so they walked through the venue with me, discussing each room and the best locations to place their accessories. At the end of the visit they were sure all was as they desired.

Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn chose a personalised mirror for their table plan. Created by Sandra of Fabulous Functions UK it was themed with floating tealights in cylinder vases and a glorious floral arrangement
Personalised mirrored Table Plan for Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn

Action stations

Come the wedding day it was all action. We arrived and unloaded all the accessories, had discussions with the coordinator at Kingscote Barn and got to work.

First up was dressing the chairs with a light grey chiffon hood and waterfall ruffles, creating a soft romantic feel. Once the florist had placed her centrepieces, we added tealights and candles to the tables, placed in groups of 3s around the tables to create a warm ambience once they were lit.

Next we turned our attention to the reception welcome room. We are happy to use accessories provided by our couples and incorporate this into the accessories we provide as part of the décor.

The floor standing mirrored table plan was a beauty and with much care we set it in place and added cylinder vases with floating candles. The personalised mirrored welcome sign was also placed ready to greet the guests.

Amy and Jerrad's  Kingscote Barn Wedding - table setting at Kingscote 

Amy and Jerrad wanted to give a little nod to loved ones not present and had provided a treasured drinks trolly belonging to Amy’s Nan. This we carefully placed and decorated with items provided by Amy.

Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn had a wealth of personal touches so… Not forgetting the ceiling! Kingscote Barn has a wealth of original beams and we attached some beautiful twisted willow branches, added tealights in glass baubles hung at various heights.

The aim was to create a warm welcoming décor full of romance, charm and sophistication. The venue looked so beautiful.

Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn in Tetbury - Styled by Fabulous Functions UK
Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn

What the lovely couple said about us

Jerrad said: ‘I knew the venue would be beautiful, because you were doing it.’

The both of them: ‘We cannot thank you Sandra & the Fabulous Functions team enough for the amazing work they did for us building up, and on the day of our wedding.’

The venue looked breath taking and you worked so hard so we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We loved working with you. You knew our vision and you helped with every little touch!

Sandra was on hand whenever I needed her. Thank you all so much it was just perfect. Any event in the future we will contact you!

Mr & Mrs Murphy

Rose gold wedding theme. The draped backdrop was moved from the ceremony area to become the backdrop for the top table. Styling created by Fabulous Functions UK

A Rose Gold Wedding Theme

A rose gold wedding theme for Sam and Lucy

Meeting Lucy and Sam at the Kings Head Hotel was so much like meeting old friends – because we’d communicated so much in the previous weeks. I had a good grasp of the vision they wanted to create and had with me many samples of the colour tones in the fabric they’d chosen with which to create a gorgeous rose gold wedding theme. 

I also had with me many samples of agate slices for them to choose from. They loved the ideas of what the French call “joindre l’utile à l’agréable”  – a lovely phrase that translates to “to combine the practical with pleasure.”

In this instance the agate slices would serve as both guest place names and guest favours. Sam and Lucy chose the natural colour agate slice as they were the perfect complement for the rose gold tones of the vertical drops they’d chosen for the chair decor.

a rose gold wedding theme - Agate slice in natural tones serve as guest place names. The perfect wedding favour and memento for your guests. Available from Fabulous Functions UK

Fast forward many months and the much-planned and much-anticipated wedding day arrived. They and we were super excited to see all the planning and preparations come to fruition in the rose gold wedding theme that Sam and Lucy had wanted to create.

Rose gold themed wedding decor

The decor was classically elegant in its simplicity and the rose gold theme suited the venue beautifully.

Rose gold chiffon vertical drops serve to decorate the chiavari chairs in the Assembly Rooms of the Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester. The backdrop was created with a white voile draped panel and green foliage for the top border decoration. Styling by Fabulous Functions UK
Rose gold chiffon vertical drops serve to decorate the chiavari chairs in the Assembly Rooms of the King’s Head boutique hotel in the heart of Cirencester We created the backdrop with a white voile draped panel and green foliage for the top border decoration.

We always encourage our clients to get the most out of their accessories so we suggested that Lucy and Sam bring the ceremony backdrop into play again as their top table backdrop – having first used it as a backdrop to their ceremony. You can use our flower walls in a similar way.
Rose gold wedding theme. The draped backdrop was moved from the ceremony area to become the backdrop for the top table. Styling created by Fabulous Functions UK
The draped backdrop was moved from the ceremony area to become the backdrop for the top table.
Decorate your wedding chairs with lengths of chiffon and secure them with sating ribbons- Fabulous Functions UK
Decorate your wedding chairs with lengths of chiffon and secure them with satin ribbons.

The personal touches were apparent everywhere in the decor and especially in the personalised post box for the guests to leave their card and gifts. And the table plan continued the rose gold theme of the wedding decor.

NB: We have a selection of wedding post boxes for hire and you can find them all, including the one you see here, in the treasure trove section of this website.

rose gold wedding theme - personalised rustic post box
Fabulous Functions UK created the table plan A reclaimed wooden board was the base for the table plan. Rose gold ribbons were used to attach the guest tables. The white and green floral decor continued the floral theme from the wedding breakfast decoration.

“We had an absolutely perfect day!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and efforts, we couldn’t be happier with how everything looked!”

Lucy and Sam
Couple sat in front of backdrop at their wedding

For more inspiration

If you want to get an idea of how we work and what we do checkout our Instagram and Facebook feeds for inspirational images and ideas. We update them both on a regular basis.

And also the section on our blog that has a range of venue styling themes to inspire you. And of course, we’re always happy to chat and bounce ideas around. If you’ve looked through our website and not seen what you’re looking for please don’t go away without talking to us first. If we don’t have it there’s a jolly good chance we can either source it for you or make it for you.

We have a web form here: but if you prefer to pick up the phone or drop an email here’s how you can:

Mobile: 07511 842 451

Email: hello@fabulousfunctionsuk

Memories of a beautiful rose gold themed wedding day- Fabulous Functions UK

Photos on this page by kind courtesy of the fabulous Twirlygirlphotography

Bold Colours in Wedding Décor -Top table decor in autumn colours perfectly complements the venue styling. Look at the fabulous goblet provided by the bride and groom. SimTop table decor complements the autumn themed venue decor

An Autumn Themed Wedding

David and Steph’s Autumn themed wedding – in spring!

We had the honour and pleasure of working with David and Steph, who let us loose to create magic on their wedding day. I loved that they felt confident in wanting to follow their passions and creating a decor that was true and authentic to them.  Hence, I worked with both of them to create their gorgeous autumn themed wedding, in Spring! How fabulous is that?!

Below are some vibrant photographs of David and Steph’s autumn themed wedding.

Shimmering organza sashes in golds and rusts to decorate the ceremony venue - An Autumn Themed Wedding
Top table decor in autumn colours perfectly complements the venue styling. Look at the fabulous goblet provided by the bride and groom. Top table decor complements the autumn themed weddingvenue decor
Top table decor in autumn colours perfectly complements the venue styling. Look at the glorious goblet provided by the bride and groom. Simply fabulous!
close up of orange and bronze sashes
 Happy guests at an autumn themed wedding
This photo is just so full of love for David and Steph.

Here’s a video overview of the venue transformation involved in this couple’s wedding day:

An Autumn Themed Wedding

You can see more accessories in our Treasure Trove page. Pop on over and have a look. You are sure to find items you’ll love for your venue decor.

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Access to your venue is even more impofrtnat when your have limited mobility - Ensure disabled access for you and your guests- Fabulous Functions UK

Wedding Venues and Disabled Access

Wedding Venues and Disabled Access
Here are some important questions to ask/points to consider when you’re searching for a venue to host your wedding or other celebrations. Whatever the occasion, if you have guests with any sort of limited mobility then this subject is one you’ll need to consider.

Wedding Venues and Disabled Access - person in a wheelchair

9 questions to ask about disabled access

What follows is some suggested questions to ask about wedding venues and disabled access either when making the first contact with the venue or during a venue show round. 

1. Is the disabled access through the front access or a side entrance. If you are the bride and groom and are offered a side entrance, ask yourself if this is the right venue for you?

2. What are the dimension of the doors?

Ask for the measurements of the doors as wheelchairs are not all the same sizes. Some power chairs are larger than manual wheelchairs.

3. Are the car park and walkways paved or gravelled?

Wheelchairs are already heavy. Then add the weight of the person and you’re going to need a superman to manoeuvre over gravel.

4. Is there a lift to access the upper floors if need be? If you have accommodations on site and they are on the upper floors how will you reach them?

5. Ask about ramps at the venue and if you can take your guests with limited mobility on a visit with you to test out the access arrangements.

6. Think about buying a second-hand wheelchair and customising it for your wedding day. You can respray it or re-upholster it.

7. Is the bathroom big enough to accommodate a wheelchair and attendants?

8. Does the venue have non slip floors in in the reception areas, bathrooms etc? 

9. Are support rails in place? 

You might find this website useful. It gives details of a number of wedding venues and disabled access across the country.

Moving away from weddings for a moment and on to accessible UK event venues in general, this website from Age UK is worth visiting. As they point out:

‘The UK is replete with many wonderful music and event venues that are enjoyed throughout the year. This country is certainly very lucky in this regard as we have plenty of choices no matter where we live, especially in the cities. The even better news is that there a good number of venues across Great Britain where people can enjoy music, talks, workshops, and myriad other events, that have also made a great effort to implement accessible facilities.

Attitude is Everything, who have made wonderful strides to improve deaf and disabled people’s access to live music, know a thing or two about what it takes to make a venue accessible …

… From big arenas to small local venues, there certainly are a number of truly terrific locations to be proud of. With this in mind, please read on for a selection of some of the very best accessible event venues in the UK. Hopefully, you will be able to visit some yourself in the near future.

Wedding planning timelines

If you found this blog about wedding venues and disabled access useful, you may also want to visit our wedding planning timeline blog. It’s full of useful tips and advice on the tasks you need to do and when during your wedding planning journey. See also, our Wedding Planning timeline 18 Months +

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Second Marriage Wedding Dress Etiquette - drawing of red gown

Second Marriage Dress Etiquette

April 2021

Second Marriage Dress Etiquette - pair of gold wedding rings

Second Marriage Dress Etiquette

Of late I’ve been giving some thought to two questions I’ve seen asked in various Facebook groups, that relate to second marriage dress etiquette:

  1. Should one wear a wedding dress for a registry office ceremony?
  2. Are there rules around second marriage style etiquette? Or put another way, a bride to be, marrying for the second time, wanted to know if it was acceptable to wear a white wedding dress for her ceremony.

    My own thoughts on both those is a big YES – of course. If that’s what you want to do, if that would make you happy, then go right ahead. 

    But you don’t have to only take our word on second marriage dress etiquette for it. I’ve done a little digging to see what big wedding-related websites are saying about second marriage wedding dress etiquette. have an article from late last year, Second Marriage Wedding Dresses: The Rules and Etiquette Revealed. They posit that some second-time-around brides have the lustre of the wedding shopping process tarnished by remarriage etiquette uncertainty. It seems there’s often a worry over whether or not white is appropriate for a remarriage.

    But, as they say, browsing for a second wedding dress ought to be as enjoyable as it was for your first. Further, some brides hold a conviction that a second marriage puts white out of the bridal picture. But yet, when Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry, a second marriage for her, she wore white.  And wonderful she looked too. 

    And anyway, the whole white wedding thing has nothing to do with purity and everything to do with Queen Victoria deciding to wear white because it complemented the lace on her dress. You can read more about that in our blog, Something Old and Something New that takes a brief look at a few of the classic wedding traditions.

Say I do in glorious colour

White is wonderful yes. But there’s nothing to say you can’t say I do in colour too. Red is a popular choice for a wedding dress – for the first time or for a second marriage. As this Vows Bridal website points out: ‘Coloured wedding gowns are everywhere these days.

Brides are breaking from tradition and going for a unique look that can reflect their personalities. These wedding gowns may have just a little colour, or be completely one colour with absolutely no white or ivory to be found.’ A red gown will sure as heck make a statement! Red is a popular choice for weddings around Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Second Marriage Dress Etiquette - drawing of red gown

But it’s best to use the colours that suit you as a guide – that way you’ll both look and feel amazing. And, as the Hitched article says, you could always put a twist on traditional white by opting for a super chic white trouser or jumpsuit. 

Put another way, when it comes to second marriage dress etiquette rules – there are none. It’s the 21st century – do whatever you feel!

Incidentally, should you be in the Swindon area and should you not ever have had a colour and style analysis done, then now might be the time. If you’re thinking of going down the coloured wedding gown route for your remarriage then knowing the colours that best complement eyes and your skin tone will give you a head start in your quest for the perfect wedding dress!

If you’re feeling social …

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Something old, something new

Something old and something new

It’s a Tradition

Something old and something new

All the occasions we celebrate are riven with traditions. Easter has the eggs and the bunny, Christmas has Father Christmas/ Santa Claus – and more besides – depending on the nation. And, of course, every family puts their own spin on these regular calendar markers. And weddings are no exception.

So here’s a quick tour round some of the classic wedding traditions from horseshoes, to chimney sweeps to the well-known rhyme featuring something old and something new and something borrowed and something blue.

Chimney sweeps

Back in the days when most of us had chimneys, to have a chimney sweep turn up at your wedding was seen as great good fortune. If he wished the couple good luck that was a very good omen indeed.

Remember Dick Van Dyke inn ‘Mary Poppins’?: ‘Good luck will rub off if you shakes hands with me’.

Chimney sweeps had, as Sooty the Sweep explains, this luck dispensing ability invested in them by King George II, when a sweep was the only one brave enough to stop his out-of-control carriage and save the king’s life. As a result the king issued a royal decree declaring chimney sweeps as bringers of luck that one should treat with respect.

Lucky horsehoes and edible traditions

Then there’s horseshoes – an ancient symbol of good luck of course. Since time immemorial we’ve hung them over doorways across the globe to protect the home from evil spirits. The giving of horseshoes to a bride is a tradition of long standing. Well before Christian times people thought that a horseshoe resembled a crescent moon and that made it a very potent fertility charm! But, more recently, in Victorian times the tradition became established as a way of bringing good luck to the newlyweds for the duration of their lives together.

Something old, something new - horseshoe and bride and groom

The wedding cake

Steeped in as much tradition as it is in fruit and brandy is the old fashioned wedding cake.

The wedding attire

The traditional white wedding dress is a relatively new one for British brides after Queen Victoria made them fashionable. As this Vanity Fair article explains, Queen Victoria made such a sartorial impression nearly 180 years ago that her example of wearing white is still considered mandatory by many a traditional bride. Further, Victoria’s choice of white bore no relation to any notion of purity. Victoria wore white for no other reason than that it complemented the delicate lace on her dress. Before Queen Victoria caused a sartorial stir women of the lower orders wore their best dress and those with a bit more money married in a colourful dress that they could recycle for other occasions. And IF, before Queen Victoria, a bride wore white, it symbolised wealth rather than purity – they could afford to have the dress cleaned.

A wedding rhyme – Something old and something new

There’s a related tradition that may have its origins much earlier than the white dress:

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue.

The origins of the rhyme are not clear but you can find references to it as an ancient custom in an 1876 edition of ‘Notes and Queries’. (Wikipedia) In Britain this old couplet is a direction to the bride on what she should wear. Originating here, the tradition has since spread across the globe.

Tradition holds that the something blue takes the form of a garter – and there’s yet more tradition behind that. In some wedding rites the bride had the garter plucked her. Saucy? Or Chauvinistic?

Additionally, something blue combines with something old as a device to baffle the Evil Eye – feared to render the bride barren. Preventing such an unfortunate occurrence is the wearing of something borrowed. Properly speaking this should be the undergarment of a women blessed with children so as to pass on her fertility to the bride.

When I got married, many moons ago now, I observed this tradition but in my own way. I borrowed a necklace, the new took the form of my dress and shoes and the blue was a garter.

This particular tradition is not ignored by popular culture. It made it into the ‘Friends’ episode: ’The one in Vegas’. Monica tells Chandler she has to have ‘Something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue before they can get married. So, to fulfil the borrowed part of the rhyme they stole a new blue sweater from a shop and for the old they pressed a used condom into service!

How about you? How did you meet the rigours of this something old and something new rhyme at your wedding? If indeed you met them at all. Or if you’re planning to tie the knot soon do you plan to?

Why don’t you let us know? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a note to: Our full contact details are here.

Tradition with a twist

The website of Wedding Ideas Mag has lots of ideas on how you can follow the rhyme while you can find a list of 12 modern day takes on the tradition in this article: ‘12 Modern Items to Replace Your Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue’.

Something old, something new - blue garter, wedding ephemera

5 fab benefits of weekday weddings

March 2021

A look at 5 fab benefits of weekday weddings over the traditional weekend

5 fab benefits of weekday weddings
It’s been the tradition for as far back as anyone knows, for weddings to take place on a Saturday. And there are historical reasons for that. This article from The Atlantic, on the topic of weekday weddings, quotes a rather interesting observation from Vicki Howard, a history lecturer at the University of Essex and author of Brides, Inc, about the wedding industry.
She posts that the work schedules of the couple and their guests had an inevitable heavy influence on the whole Saturday wedding norm. As she says, throughout history ‘agricultural seasons, factory hours, and other work constraints shaped the month and date people could take time out to marry.’

 Hence the popularity of the weekend wedding and, in the chances are, the summer wedding too. That would add up. But now more than ever there is an active choice to make between a weekend or weekday marriage. Further into this post we give 5 fab benefits of weekday weddings!

Guests relaxing after the wedding - 5 fab benefits of weekday weddings

Never on a Sunday

A further factor in it not being the rule to marry on Sundays, is that of weddings only taking place in church. And on Sunday’s they’d have services. But of course, recent years has seen a huge decline in church weddings. With that there’s been a shift in both the day that weddings happened and the location. Something that’s seen off the never on a Sunday notion. 

The first elephant in the room

There’s no escaping the fact that, as soon as you talk about having a weekday wedding Nellie the elephant goes on a stampede. So, let’s try and control the elephant in the room.

Yes, it’s true that if you want a midweek marriage you’re going to have to ask your guests to take time off work to come to it. And for some that won’t be an option – but the opposite can apply too.

BUT: you can point out to your guests that they’ll get some valuable time to let loose from the Monday to Friday routine.  And, thanks to there being a wider choice of venues and suppliers available to you, sometimes at less cost, there’s reason aplenty to opt for weekday weddings. 

The second elephant in the room

Then there’s the second elephant in the room. Currently we are in 2021 and coming out of a global pandemic with numerous national lockdowns – Coronavirus and its effect on weddings

At the moment, ceremonies can only take place in England in exceptional circumstances, for instance, if the bride or groom is very ill. But changes are coming soon if we continue to progress as we have. While the government aims to stop social restrictions by late June, do bear in mind that anything can happen. Ergo, a small weekday wedding may not be such an inconvenience after all. And aside from that, because Covid-19 put our lives and weddings on hold, this coming year is going to see more couples having to compromise on days and dates. Why? Because we’re about to see a rush to the alter as couples who’d postponed move to get the marriage deed done.

Still in a quandary?

If by now you’re still on the fence with the whole weekend or weekday marriage thing, this article from Hitched UK on organising and planning a weekday wedding will help.  They proffer 5 fab benefits of weekday weddings. Read on for why you should give serious consideration to wedding on a weekday.

5 fab benefits of weekday weddings

  1. More choice of venue and suppliers
    You’re much more likely to have a larger range of suppliers with availability to choose from on a weekday than weekend.
  2. It’s a money-saving option
    There is often a separate rate for weekend and weekday venue hire. in fact, sometimes the price difference is often great enough to convince couples to wed on a Wednesday.
  3. Your guests could save too
    Most hotels and guest houses offer reduced tariffs on a weekday. And transport is often cheaper on a weekday. So if you avoid peak times, your guests could end up paying much less than they first thought.
  4. Avoid date clashes
    Wave if you’ve had invitations to two postponed weddings on the same Saturday! 
  5. Beautiful photos whether it’s a Saturday or a Tuesday
    When you look back at your photos you will never be able to tell if it was taken on a Saturday or on a day of the week. So don’t make a weekday availability put you off.

Covid-caused delays

Thanks to the pandemic, many spring and summer couples have had to move their weddings to later in the year or early next year. Thus, increasing the chances of a wedding date clash by a massive margin.

But choose a not-so-popular-but-just-as-amazing weekday wedding date and you increase the chances of you most loved family and friends being there with you.  And surely that matters more than it being on a Saturday?

Talk to us

Now things are getting moving again in the wedding world we’re itching to get going – with weekend or weekday weddings. Whichever it is – we’re on the starting blocks!

Anything you want to talk to us about – our availability, decor ideas, venues we have worked at, bespoke accessories etc. – do get in touch! All our contact details are here.

Inspiration for a Multicultural Wedding-Fabulous Functions UK. A multicultural wedding inspiration with influences from Jamaican and Indian. This styled shoot fuses elements from both countries using the national symbols from both countries. The Hummingbird and the Lotus.

A Multicultural Wedding Inspiration

A multicultural wedding inspiration with influences from Jamaican and Indian cultures.
This styled shoot fuses elements from both countries using the national symbols from both countries – the Hummingbird and the Lotus.

Welcome sign featuring the Hummingbird and the Lotus for a Multicultural Wedding- Fabulous Functions UK

                                                                                                                                           The wedding world has been thrown a whopper of a spanner thanks to the global pandemic Covid-19.

Couples are still falling in love, still saying “Yes” to the question “Will you m….” and we are so happy because we love all things weddings. The questions, the researching, the discoveries. The decision making, and the journey to the glorious “I Do’s”

Table setting with hummingbird and lotus themed stationery for a multicultural wedding- Fabulous Functions UK

This styled shoot brings together two beautiful cultures – A Jamaican groom and an Indian bride, creating an elegantly beautiful fusion of two cultures.

Jamaican Groom and Indian Bride for a Multicultural Wedding Themed Styled Shoot. - Fabulous Functions UK

We chose the Lotus flower; India’s national flower and the Humming Bird; Jamaica’s national bird to symbolise the union of the two cultures. The colours are strong and vibrant while lending the opportunity for softness and sophistication.

These were used by Payal of Caligraphy by Payal to create an original design which could then be reproduced in the various elements of the stationery. Nicky of Polkadot Creations designed the welcome board and the banner and Anna of Evelyn and Elliot created the menu cards and the place cards.

Multicultural Wedding Couples

We created two looks for our multicultural couple: the traditional white wedding.

White wedding for our multicultural wedding-Fabulous Functions UK

and the traditional Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding Lehengha for our Indian Bride Fabulous Functions UK

Both representing the lives of our modern day couples who want to honour their heritage and embrace the diversity of the world they live in.

Set in the beautiful Kings Head Hotel and featuring the tall sweeping heights of the modern Assemble rooms; giving couples the choice of décor and style for their celebrations.  The centuries old walls of the vaulted cellar is perfect for a fabulous party to celebrate the start of your beautiful journey.
The Kings Head Hotel has some fabulous spaces perfect for your celebrations big and small. From the Corn Hall which comfortable seats 400 guests to the library for an intimate gathering of 10 guests.
We chose the Assemble Room which can accommodate up to 180 guests.

We chose a banquet style setting for this setting, The table supplied by the accessory hire company, Hospitality Services LTD were complemented with the lovely crossback chairs. The tables and chairs echos beautifully the natural world associated with both countries.
The centrepieces were long lush green garlands, interspersed with blue hydrangeas and purple / fuchsia anemone. The lushness and vibrancy of the centrepieces brings to mind the vegetation associated with the two continents in which the two countries are situated.

Table Setting for a Jamaican and Indian Fusion Themed wedding photoshoot-Fabulous Functions UK
Banquet style setting for a multicultural wedding inspiration at the King’s Head Hotel in Cirencester
Gold Charger Plates for a Banquet Style Table Setting - Styled by Fabulous Functions UK
The beauty of crystal glassware contrasts beautifully with the wooden trestle tables from Hospitality Services LTD
Wedding inspiration for a Jamaican Indian fusion wedding- Fabulous Functions UK
Fabulous images from photographer Steffen of Steffen Milsom Photography
Black and White themed tablescape-Fabulous Functions UK
Candle light dinners setting for a wedding - Fabulous Functions UK
Table for two at a black tie dinner setting -Fabulous Function UK
Gorgeous Wedding gown from Theia Couture

Why settle for one gown on your wedding day when you can wear two? The gorgeous white wedding gown is the beautiful creation from the fab designers at Theia Couture. Created in a soft crepe and embellished with delicate beading on the straps at the back

White wedding dress from Theia Couture
Theia couture gown for a multicultural wedding
Make up was supplied by the very talented Maurice at Make up by_Maurice and hair by Kamila of Kamila Roberts MUA
A multicultural wedding styled shoot featuring the Hummingbird, the national bird ofJamaica and the Lotus Flower, India's national flower. The setting was designed by Fabulous Functions UK

For your entertainment, this blog about wedding traditions around the world is a fun read. It’s perfect for finding out about some of the fabulous traditions wedding couples from around the world follow.

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Charger plates are used to dress a table for a wedding or special event. These gold rimmed charger plates are a perfect complement to the wooden table set in a banquet style for the guests. Created by Wedding Designer Fabulous Functions UK

Charger Plates – When and How to Use Them

What are charger plates?

“What is a charger plate?”  That’s a good question. And, unless you’re in the wedding or events world, or do a lot of entertaining, it’s possible you’ll have no idea what they are.

A charger plate is a simply a very large plate used for decorative purposes.  They’re sometimes referred to as service plates or under plates.

Why would you use a charger plate?
Luxury venue styling ideas from Fabulous Functions UK
Banquet style setting with an ombre themed tablescape featuring glass charger plates

We use charger plates to dress a table for special events such as a wedding, vow renewal or special birthday. They dress a table place setting and help to define your theme and style. Charger plates come in a wide range of styles, shapes and materials from glass to china to wood or metal. Or even melamine or plastic. They can be plain or decorated.

When you’re designing the style for your table, consider the look you want to achieve. Is the feel going to be a modern and contemporary one? Or are you aiming for a particular vintage era or something edgy and minimalist. Or maximalist on the other hand? Whatever look and feel you’re aiming to achieve, there’s a charge plate to complement your style and decor aesthetics.

The charger plates form part of the guest place settings. You can have the plates for your various courses set on top in readiness for your guests sitting at their tables. Or you can place the napkins and place cards on the charger plates. Your plated entrée and main courses are then placed on top of the charger during the meal.

White charger plates with a diamante rim available from venue stylist and accessory hire Fabulous Functions UK
White charger plates with a diamante rim – A beautiful complement to a silver and grey themed wedding decor.
Gold rimmed charger plate- Wedding table setting
Gold charger plate layered with plates and dishes for the various courses. Perfect for an Autumn or winter festive event.
Vintage style charger plate with a scroll design on the edges. Styling by Wedding designer Fabulous Functions UK
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Yellow fluted edge charger plate - Wedding table setting - Fabulous Functions UK

Chargers are always removed from the table after all guests are finished eating the main course. They’re taken away with the dinner plate still on top, as this clears the table and leaves it ready for the serving of dessert.

Charger plate hire

You can hire your charger plates from various event organisers or catering companies if you’re organising a large event. If you plan to use charger plates a lot, it may serve you to buy them. Though this may restrict the range of chargers you have at your disposal for each of your events.
Each event deserves its own style of charger plates depending on the theme, style and colour palette of your event.

Fabulous Functions UK has a range of beautiful charger plates at your disposal. Do contact us to discuss the range and style of chargers that we offer to find one that will best complement your wedding or event.

And don’t forget our promise: if we don’t have them in stock – we’ll source them for you.

Silver floral edge charger plate - Fabulous Functions UK

 As you can tell, I love using chargers in the design of the tables. They lift the table design and, on a practical note, they protect the table from spills.

I trust this blog has inspired you to want to incorporate chargers in your table-scape designs.

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Charger Plates- What they are and how to use them.  Blog Post - Fabulous Functions UK
An outdoor setting - Planning a 15-Person Wedding -An intimate Wedding in Covid Times -Fabulous Functions UK -An outdoor setting - Planning a 15-Person Wedding

Planning a 15-Person Wedding

Planning a 15-Person Wedding

We have shifting sands beneath our feet and no mistake. It feels as if there are changes to wedding guidelines every week thanks to Covid – and all guaranteed to affect your plans. At the time of writing you’re allowed 15 guests at your wedding.

So, we thought we’d use this blog to have a look at planning a 15-person wedding. But first:

Take heart! 

No matter the changes brought in and the number of guests in attendance, or where you can hold your celebrations – what matters most is the love surrounding you both. Never forget that the important thing is the marriage not the wedding.  But before we do anything else here’s an at-a-glance reminder of the current advice:

In the first instance, choose a Covid-secure venue for your wedding breakfast or celebrations. Not your back garden or a marquee in a neighbour’s field. That sorted:

  • You can have 15 guests at your wedding. This does not include the officiant, venue staff or suppliers.
  • You can now have a first dance to celebrate your marriage.
  • Your wedding breakfast must be a sit-down meal, held in a Covid-secure venue.
  • Your venue will need to close between 10pm and 5am.
  • Guests and staff must wear face masks when moving around the venue.

On the subject of face masks, there are companies that can create masks to match your outfit. It’s quite clever to be honest. You provide a pic of your fabric and they create a mask in the pattern and colour of your outfit. I did this for a recent wedding I attended. 

No matter what!
You WILL have a beautiful day!
And this become part of your fabulous story!

An outdoor setting - Planning a 15-Person Wedding -An intimate Wedding in Covid Times -Fabulous Functions UK
Table setting for a 15 person wedding breakfast designed by Fabulous Functions UK

Planning a 15-Person Wedding

In this Hitched.Co.UK article about such an occasion as the 15-person wedding, they observe that it’s not everyone that wants the whole big, white wedding thing. Which is true. And no doubt it’s just as well because, at the moment, no-one can. 

While the definition of a ‘small’ wedding is a matter of personal viewpoint, a general figure is between thirty and sixty guests. A micro wedding though is the term for one with 20 guests or fewer.

Choose your setting for your 15 person wedding- Go with your heart and make the most of your wedding day. Blog by Fabulous Functions UK
Image courtesy of photography by SallyAnne

If you’re struggling to get your head around having a small wedding rather than the big splash you’d dreamed it’s worth remind yourself why small is beautiful:

  • You could well save a lot of cash. And that in turn will let you …
  • … spend more money on the bits that matter the most to you
  • With a small wedding you can create an intimate and more personal day. One that allows you to …
  • … spend more individual time with loved ones
  • And of course, fewer guests means less stress and a relaxed atmosphere.

And of course, a small guest list doesn’t mean all aspects have to be small to match! So – if you want to – go big on the dress

Wedding dress with bow feature on the back. As seen on the instagram of bridal boutique @willoughbyandwolf
Wedding dress with bow feature on the back. As seen on the instagram of bridal boutique Willoughby and Wolf

the flowers, the cake, the invitations, the venue, the shoes.

wedding shoes by @loefflerrandall as seen on the instagram of @willoughbyandwolf
Wedding shoes by @loefflerrandall as seen on the instagram of Willoughby and Wolf

Small Wedding Planning: Top Tips

The aforementioned article on Hitched gives 7 top tips for planning a small wedding. In summary the main points suggested are:

  • There are lots of venues that host micro weddings. The venue should be exclusive use to you while you are there.
  • With a 15-person guest list you have to be super-selective. Thus every single person you invite should be someone close to you and that you can’t imagine marrying with them not present.
  • Hire a planner/venue decorator to make sure the day flows and you don’t have to worry about food, drink or decorations.
  • Think about a weekday wedding – although do consider people’s professions. This won’t work if your very closest-couldn’t-possibly-get-married-without-her-there friend is a teacher!
  • Make the most of the experience you CAN have. Whatever your wedding looks like it’s going to be – don’t rail against it. Instead go with it and push from your mind what was going to be. Focus on the good stuff and make the most of: food, music etc.

Whether you’re planning a 15-Person Wedding or fewer guests than that, Fabulous Functions UK can and will create for a you an atmospheric and amazing day. We guarantee it will linger in the memory in the best possible way. Read this account by a guest at a minimony wedding close to our hearts at Fabulous Functions UK and you’ll see what I mean!

Call us on 0044 7511 842 451 or drop a note to and let’s talk!

Tips for planning a 15 person wedding - Blog by  wedding designer Fabulous Functions UK

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