Bride having veil pinned to her hair - wedding traditions from around the world

Wedding Traditions From Around the World

In this blog we take a whirl wind look at wedding traditions around the world.  Everyone in Britain knows the Old English rhyme about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It serves to instruct brides on the good luck charms she should incorporate into her bridal attire. Kate Middleton was lucky enough to borrow a tiara, I had a necklace, my best friend had a garter from her mother in law.

certificate of marriage - women's rights in marriage

Women’s Rights in Marriage

In a recent blog, Changing Times in the Wedding World, we examined some areas of the matrimonial landscape – where changes are happening now or they’re predicted to happen. For instance many brides, recognising what an outmoded bastion of sexism and misogyny the practice of tossing the bouquet is, are opting to do it a different way.

Asking guests to pay to attend your wedding is a controversial subject! Would you ask your guests to pay to attend your wedding? - The UK marriage laws could change allowing couples greater choice in where they can have their wedding ceremonies.

A Shake-Up in the Marriage Law

As of July 2018, according to a survey run by Bridebook, the average cost of a UK wedding is an eye-watering £30, 355. Not an insignificant sum for anyone. But moves are afoot to give the law on where you can be legally wed a long-overdue shake-up. A stir that will make it possible to cut the price of getting married.