Flower walls & backdrops

Are Budget Wedding Backdrops Cost Effective? - Flowers on wire forming a curtain.

Budget Wedding Backdrops

Being the fabulous wedding venue dressing service that we are, we spend quite some time doing our research for our clients and sometimes browse the Internet to see what’s new in the wedding and party dressing world. It’s important to us – and in the end to you – that we’re up to date with the new trends in venue décor.
The Fabulous Functions Backdrop Range - dressed mantlepiece

7 Amazing Wedding Backdrops Range

We often get enquires dropping into our inbox asking us what backdrops we can offer as part of our hire service. The short answer to that is: a wide range. But that’s not too helpful is it? So, in this blog we’ll give you an overview of the Fabulous Functions backdrop range.
Silk Flower Wall Hire - Goede Cake with Silk Flower Wall Backdrop

Silk Flower Wall Hire

Planning a wedding involves making many choices. But if you’re looking for a spectacular focal point for your venue then look no further than our flower wall hire option. A flower wall backdrop à la Kim Kardishian could be just what you need!