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Things to do 6 months before your wedding - Fabulous Functions UK

Wedding Planning Timeline: 6 months+

We're at the 6 months wedding planning timeline stage. This post is about what you need to do during the period from 6 months before the wedding - up to the day itself. Now is the time to get going if you’re planning any DIY aspects: invitations, table centres, cake or favours. Whether you're thinking about bubbles or the traditional sugared almonds - it's time to plan now. You’ll need practice time as well as production time. So get cracking!
Amy and Jerrad at Kingscote Barn in Tetbury - Styled by Fabulous Functions UK

Romantic Kingscote Barn Wedding

Amy is a returning customer - Fabulous Functions UK did the decor for her birthday party a few years ago - something she'd loved. So you can imagine our delight when she messaged us to say she'd met the lover of her life, was planning her wedding celebrations and wanted us as part of her wedding planning team! Excited doesn't cover it!
10 Things to thing about when planning your wedding

Wedding Planning Timeline 12-18 months+

In the post under this link here we have an article on the whole wedding planning timeline. But it is a rather long post. So we've decided to break it down into two separate posts, with less of the detail, to make it a wee bit more manageable. So this post is concerned with the wedding planning jobs you need to tackle in the 12-18 month period before the wedding.
When Plans for a Destination Wedding gets-a rethink due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic from Fabulous Functions UK

When Wedding Plans Must Change

Here's one story of when wedding plans must change. Wedding plans get changed for all sorts of reasons. Some changes are forced upon us and we have to make the best of them. Here we tell how one couple are coping with enforced changes to their dream of a destination wedding.
Night Sky with hues of Classic

Putting Pantone into Your Wedding Décor

Just as November heralds the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau to the wine merchants, so early December brings the announcement of the new Pantone colour of the year. Which, for 2020 is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. We’ll look at putting the Pantone into your wedding décor later. First, let’s have a look at what Pantone says about their new colour of the year.