About the Bridal Bouquet

About the bridal bouquet: there are so many decisions to make when choosing the design of it. This post covers a few things for you to think about. 

Hand tied bouquet using fresh flowers pink and cream palette
The Bridal Bouquet

About Your Dress

Find your dress before you make any major decisions about the bridal bouquet. Consider the style and shape of your dress. Your bouquet should complement your silhouette, not hide you or make you look and feel off-balanced.

The Style of the Bridal Bouquet

Here’s another conundrum! There are a multitude of bouquet styles to choose from. Consider the following:

Cascade Bouquet

Cascade or teardrop wedding bouquet incorporating greenery and florals. The shape flows towards the floor and can be as long as you like.

This style of bouquet comprises flowers and greenery and resembles a waterfall of flowers cascading towards the floor. They’re impressive for sure. But something to consider is their weight, the bigger they are the heavier they are. But don’t worry, if it gets too heavy for you hand it to your partner and share the load. Sharing is caring as the saying goes!
It would be a great addition to your album to get a photo of this. Cue one for the photographers!

The Hand-Tied Bouquet

Hand-tied bouquets resemble a bouquet with flowers that has just been picked from the garden. This is a more relaxed style of bouquet.
This bridal bouquet incorporates a multitude of florals in tones of blush pinks, fuchsia and cream blooms.

They look like you’ve just gathered the blooms from the garden. The stems are left exposed and depending on the theme, the bouquet is tied with ribbon or twine. You can have ribbons of different lengths trailing down. They are often caught by the wind and can add a whimsical touch to your photographs.

Round Bouquets

A round shaped bouquet is more compact and uniform in shape.

In this bridal bouquet the blooms are arranged in a tighter shape, you could consider using just one type of flower to create this type of bouquet, or one colour tone.

Asymmetrical Bouquets

Asymmetrical bridal bouquets are freer in shape and design allowing you the freedom to really express your personality.

Quirky and unusual this type of bouquet favours the unstructured look, overflowing with blooms and foliage of different lengths and sizes. Usually one side is higher that the other and you can use large showy blooms and interestingly shaped foliage.

What’s In Your Bouquet?

This is an interesting one!

You don’t have to use fresh flowers and foliage. You can incorporate brooches, grasses, crystals and pearls. Paper, felt, silk flowers, dried seeds and other dried elements. Then there’s feathers, family heirlooms, a bouquet charm of a loved one to consider using. The list is endless.

A silver toned  brooch bouquet - Bridal  bouquet created with white silk hydrangeas and silver brooches.
A silver toned brooch bouquet

The Colour of the Bouquet

This is where you might want to pull the covers over your head and pretend you don’t need to decide on the colour of your bouquet.

Silk bridal bouquet created with vibrant blooms in hues of fuchsias, burgundys pinks and creams

Think about the colour of your dress and the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses. Are you favouring a single colour or do you have a colour scheme you want to use? Are you thinking of wild colours or of a mono colour bouquet?

The good news is there is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about what feels right for you.

Take our advice and chat with your florist. They’ll offer invaluable advice on creating the perfect bouquet for you. They will offer advice on flower combinations, seasonal availability, colour and style of your bouquet. And the size and weight of your bouquet that is right for you.
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