8 Popular Wedding Flowers

Popular wedding flower choices will depend on a range of factors, not least of which is personal preference. Other factors include seasonal availability and regional trends. Yet for all that, certain flowers are ever-popular choices for weddings thanks to their symbolism and versatility. Not to mention of course, their beauty.

Here we look at 8 popular wedding flowers.

1. Roses

As classic symbols of love and romance, roses are a favoured choice for weddings. Available in a wide range of colours and varieties, roses will complement any wedding theme or colour palette.

2. Peonies

With their lush, ruffled blooms and intoxicating fragrance, people love peonies for their romantic charm. These flowers symbolise prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage. Thus, they’re much sought after for bridal bouquets and centre-pieces.

Peonies and Roses are among  the 8 popular wedding flowers to add to your  bouquet  and floral arrangements

3. Tulips

Tulips are versatile flowers that come in various colours and shapes. Associated with spring, these blooms symbolise love, rebirth and new beginnings. All of which makes them perfect for celebrating the union of two individuals.
Create a beautiful wedding bouquet filled with amazing texture, and heavenly scents with a range of beautiful spring blooms including tulips, ranunculus, hellebores, lilacs, fritillaria, hyacinths, sweet pea, lily of the valley and freesia. The list goes on and on, which is great for you as you will be spoilt for choice. Allowing you to create a show stopping seasonal bouquet.

Are you planning to go with a pastel spring palette, enjoy the mono-colour vibe, or rock the bold hues available.
And if you champion sustainability then locally grown flowers are just the thing for you. These beautiful tulips were grown by Michelle of Page Green Flower Farm in Wiltshire. We love the variety of tulips available so we could not resist them, so they made it on our list of 8 popular wedding flowers. Don’t you just love these beauties.

4. Calla Lilies

Known for their sleek, trumpet-shaped blooms, calla lilies exude sophistication and elegance. These flowers are available in a range of colours, from classic white to vibrant hues. They’re often used in bridal bouquets and centre pieces.

5. Hydrangeas

Flower lovers prize hydrangeas for their large, fluffy blooms and abundant foliage. Floral designers often incorporate them as focal flowers in bouquets and floral arrangements. These flowers symbolise gratitude, sincerity, and heartfelt emotions, making them ideal for wedding celebrations.

Hydrangeas are one of the 8 favourite flowers to add to your wedding floral designs. They add a luxurious touch to your arrangements

6. Lilies

Lilies are elegant flowers that come in various shapes, sizes and colours. These positive attributes make them versatile additions to wedding bouquets and arrangements. Lilies symbolise purity, virtue and devotion, making them a meaningful choice for weddings. They are particularly good in large designs to create focus. One note of caution; remove the stamens as they will stain and this is incredible difficult to remove. Ni on impossible on a white wedding gown. And you don’t want this stress on your wedding morning.

7. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath, otherwise known as gypsophila, is a delicate filler flower known for its tiny, cloud-like blooms and airy appearance. These flowers are often used to add texture and volume to bouquets and arrangements, creating a soft and romantic aesthetic. They can be used on their own or accompanying a range of other floral blooms. We love its elegance and simplicity so added it to our list of 8 popular wedding flowers.

Baby's Breath  or gypsophila is an elegant flowers and made our list of 8 popular wedding flowers. Perfect on its own in a centrepiece or accompanying other florals.

8. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are cheerful, vibrant flowers that symbolise happiness, positivity and longevity. For a rustic themed barn decor, these bold blooms add a pop of colour and a touch of rustic charm when incorporated in your wedding flowers, particularly for outdoor or country-themed weddings. Choose flowers that resonate with you will bring you joy on your wedding day and create cherished memories.

These then are a mere few examples of popular wedding flowers and their associated meanings.  But of course there are many more. If your interest is piqued then this Good Housekeeping blog entitled 20 Flower Meanings and What They Symbolize is worth a read.
There are so many flowers that could have made this list but we will create another blog for them.

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