Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers: More Than Petals and Leaves

At Fabulous Functions UK, we understand that flowers are more than a simple decorative element; they’re an expression of your unique love story. From bridal bouquets to intricate table centrepieces, we’re here to adorn your wedding with floral splendour.

Bridal Florals and Beyond

Your wedding flowers are about so much more than bouquets; they extend to buttonholes, table arrangements, and even grand archways and statement installations. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things floral. We have creative ways to add florals to your venue. Whether it’s for your wedding party, your ceremony or your wedding breakfast.

Buttonholes and Corsages: Small Details Make a Big Impact

Your wedding’s not only about the bride; it’s a day for everyone to look their best. Our buttonholes and corsages are mini artworks, featuring everything from Pantone Purple to pearls and crystals.

The Eternal Beauty of Silk Wedding Flowers

Fancy a lasting memento of your special day? Our bespoke silk bouquets are both beautiful and enduring. We also craft exquisite brooch bouquets, buttonholes, and corsages in silk, so you can cherish your wedding flowers forever. Silk florals are especially good for your cute flower girls and they can keep them as a lasting memento of the part they played in your special day. For more insights, check out our blog on the benefits of silk flowers.

The Allure of Brooch Bouquets and Crystal-Embellished Bouquets

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have a bouquet that’s a work of art? Our brooch and crystal-embellished bouquets add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your wedding day. They are a statement piece for sure and will stand the test of time. A perfect addition to a vintage themed wedding

A gorgeous brooch bouquet with silver toned brooches- Fabulous Functions UK
Silk bouquet created with Cala lilys and crystals - Fabulous Functions UK

Seasonal Inspirations

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant hues of spring or the rich tones of autumn, we will create bouquets inspired by the seasons and your personal style.

Floral Chair Decor

Why stop at tables and archways when your chairs can also be part of the floral spectacle? Add that extra touch of elegance with our floral chair decor. We can advise you on the best ways to use your wedding flowers for added drama and effect.

And whats more we love when you can use your arrangements in different parts of your venue. This gives a new meaning to dynamic florals.

Flower wall

Fabulous Backdrop Inspirations

Backdrops have several uses in your venue. You can use them to create a focal point for your marriage ceremony or to block out unsightly signs and areas at your venue. A backdrop can also create a focal point for family and friends’ photographs and so much more.

Often you can move your backdrop to a different area of your venue so you get the maximum use from it.

We have a beautiful range of backdrops to suit your style, wedding theme, and the ambience of your venue. They range from flower walls to wedding arches and floral columns and many more.

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