Creating a fabulous setting for an intimate wedding setting. Cross back chairs and a gorgeous floral arch makes the setting perfect for an intimate outdoor ceremony - Fabulous Functions UK created this gorgeous setting.

An Intimate Wedding Setting

June 2020: An Intimate Wedding Setting

In my capacity as a Wiltshire-based venue stylist and as the mother of a groom with Covid-crashed wedding plans, I’ve got both second and first-hand experience of what so many couples are going through right now. 

As it happens, myself and two people with whom I work closely, at Wrag Barn golf club Nr Highworth, are supporting offspring whose wedding plans, Covid-19 sent into a tailspin. We’ve had to pull them back from crash-landing, keep them on track with their planning and help them hold-fast onto the joy and the thrill of the journey to making their vows.

With that experience in mind we set about creating and showcasing a stunning intimate wedding setting for an outdoor ceremony. The sort of ceremony and number of guests that an easing of the lockdown rules might allow for. This BBC article reports on potential changes to the current wedding rules coming quite soon.

Look at the setting we created in the image below and picture yourselves there with your very nearest and dearest, supporting you both and cherishing you both as you declare your love for and commitment to, each other. 

An Intimate Wedding Setting at Wrag Barn golf and country club nr Highworth, Swindon
An Intimate Wedding Setting at Wrag Barn golf and country club nr Highworth, Swindon

In this particular setting, you make your way around the trees to find this romantic scene before you. Those closest to you are waiting – as is your groom and the wedding officiant. . Seated on the cross-backed chairs, their first glimpse of you sends their hearts soaring skywards.

This bloom-bedecked archway is as much in perfect harmony with Wrag Barn’s meadow as you and your fiancé are each with the other. And you and the sunshine are as radiant as each other as you begin your walk along the cream aisle carpet towards your smiling husband-to-be.

An Intimate Wedding Setting - floral and greenery archways at either end of a cream aisle carpet in a meadow setting at Wrag Barn golf club Nr Highworth, Swindon

The Wedding Breakfast

Now you’ve said ‘I do’ and the air rings with cheers and good wishes as you begin being Mr & Mrs. And what’s the first thing you do as husband and wife? Why, you preside over your wedding breakfast of course.

Rustic wedding breakfast setting for an intimate wedding scene  - bare wooden table dressed with a chiffon runner and white flowers and greenery. With an overhead arch of foliage.

This simple yet stunning scene is in keeping with the setting and style of your ceremony location. We dressed the rustic table with a simple, cream chiffon runner and plain white crockery, with blooms and greenery in plain, clear, glass vessels to echo the blooms in the outdoor arch.

To add to the natural theme , we made an overhead canopy of lush green foliage with clear baubles hanging down. Tea-lights placed in the baubles add to the atmosphere and the magic.

The green canopy is a fabulous way to create an intimate wedding setting for your first meal together as a married couple.

Overhead canopy of green foliage with clear baubles into which you can out Tea-lights.

A Versatile setting

You can adapt both the outdoor ceremony setting and the wedding breakfast setting to accommodate the size of your ceremony and guest list. 

Equally you can transfer the outdoor ceremony setting inside your venue, should the capriciousness of the British weather throw a cloud or two over proceedings. This is the UK after all. 

We hope we’ve shown you the possibilities of creating something wonderful, even within the restrictions of our current lockdown situation.

There are so many ways for creating an intimate wedding setting. If you’d like us to create something similar for you – or you have something else in mind – please get in touch and we’ll chat. It costs nothing and is non-obligational.

Visit our treasure trove to find some fabulous accessories to dress your venue. If by chance you don’t see what you are looking for, we will source it or create it for you.

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An intimate setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony- encouraging couples to still feel the   excitement and joy of planning their wedding. Setting created by Faulous Functions UK
Ombre themed tablescape featuring a colour range of burgundy, copper and gold through to pink and the palest blush pinks at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford

Be inspired by An Ombre-themed Wedding Decor

An idea for an ombre themed wedding decoration was the driver for this incredible collaboration between like minded wedding suppliers

There really is no better way for wedding suppliers to show off their wares. Wedding fairs are an excellent way of giving prospective brides and grooms a sense of what you can offer them. Be it cakes, photography, video or venue dressing. Yet, as we’ve learned from experience, nothing is more effective or more heart-warming than a clutch of complementary wedding suppliers collaborating to recreate a wedding scenario that demonstrates what we can do.

In this post about Fabulous Functions UK in the media, we described our collaboration on a vintage themed photoshoot at Heythrop Park Resort on the edge of the Cotswolds. This time around the photoshoot action took place at The Bear Hotel in Hungerford, Berkshire. 

How it Happened

Earlier this year, Fabulous Functions UK collaborated with a group of wonderful suppliers to stage an open day at Hungerford’s Bear Hotel. Lots of couples came along and enjoyed meeting the suppliers there and booked us for their weddings.

So successful had the day been that the suppliers suggested to the hotel’s event’s manager, that we might use the hotel for a photoshoot. Vee and her term embraced the idea. They offered us the Riverside Suite for the purpose, and were excited about the transformation their gorgeous venue would undergo.

The Fabulous Functions UK team wanted to capture the joy of two people in love and who aren’t afraid to show it.

Our aim was to inspire couples to be more daring in their luxury wedding planning choices, by creating a luxurious and opulent décor that can be adapted to suit most venues. 

A Cascade of Colour

With rich, passionate burgundies and reds, through to coppers and golds to tones of blush pink and cream we created a vibrant colour range from the vibrant and bold to soft and delicate. All of it beautifully captured on camera by Barefoot Photography.

The First Step

The first thing we did was to get together with Louise of Wendy House Flowers. Together we devised a décor to stimulate the senses from the outset. We wanted the senses to dance a jig as they encountered the florals and the banquet style arrangement of guest tables. Louise, based in Lyneham, is a fantastic florist who encourages her clients to be brave in their choices.

For this photoshoot she created a gloriously wild bridal bouquet, full of colours and textures featuring grasses, clematis, wildflowers, roses and more.

The Decor

We decided on an ombre colour scheme, with shades ranging from rich burgundies full of passion, through to coppers and golds, all coming to rest on the sweetheart table with a cascading floral garland in tones of blush pink and cream.
Louise and I used a fabulous marriage of fresh and silk florals to create the centrepieces

Sweetheart table with cascading floral garland - ombre themed wedding decoration
Sweetheart table with cascading floral garland

A flower cloud is such a statement piece! Bringing not a drop of rain but lashing of joy. Creating a golden halo above our couple. The cloud was created with a selection of mellow golden branches and romantic cream roses, pampas grass, ferns, gypsophila, roses, hydrangeas and much much more.

The Table Setting

A picture paints a thousand words. The images from our photoshoot at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford did just that. It shows an opulent venue setting created with gold-accented glassware and cutlery from Simon of Event Hire UK.
Even the agate slice details on the little golden glass boxes mirrored the ombre theme of the decor.

An Ombre-themed Wedding with gold edged glass charger platesPhotoshoot - table place setting
cupcakes nibbles for the guests displayed in a glass box with agate slice decor on the lid
Place setting of gold beaded edged glass charger plate with acrylic guest name plates - guest names written in gold coloured font and displayed on a  white folded  napkin.
Ombre themed tablescape featuring a colour range of  burgundy,  copper and gold through to pink and the palest blush pinks at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford
Acrylic guest seating plan featuring white font on a gold painted background.

The Pièce de Résistance

I always advise my brides not to hide their wedding cake, and by extension, the cake cutting ceremony, in a dark corner. Rather make a feature of it. And how better to make a statement to remember than with a Fabulous Functions UK flower wall?

Our fabulous peach and cream-toned flower wall made a wonderful backdrop for this glorious seven-tier crystal cake tower from
Fay’s Fairy Cakes.

Flower wall with crystal seven tier cake tower in front of it. Photoshoot at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford
You can use colour for your wedding  decor in some interesting ways. Here we suggest ways to use colours to created the WOW factor for your venue decor. See our ideas for an ombre themed venue decor

To see more images from this gorgeous photo shoot visit the Mrs P and P blog here.

And to find out how Fabulous Functions UK can make
your wedding venue decor dreams come true, fill out our online form here and we’ll get right back to you. Or, if you prefer, call us on 00 44 7511 842 451.

create a travel themed venue decor - Vintage globe- accessory Hire - fabulous functions uk

Create a Travel Themed Venue Decor

In this blog we show you how to create a travel themed venue decor in your wedding or party venue. This is a fun theme to create if you’re a globe-trotting loving couple. What’s more, it’s one that can be done equally well if you’re on a budget or if you’ve got cash to splash.

Create a travel themed venue dressing on a budget

As with creating any venue décor, hiring decorative elements can save you a whole heap of money. Here at Fabulous Functions UK we’ve got some great stuff for you to hire.

We offer you a cost-effective way to travel the world at your wedding in our accessory hire shop and treasure trove online cave: 

  • Vintage suitcases: stacked in a corner these battered suitcases will evoke a sense of journeys undertaken. And the one you’re about to undertake as man and wife. You can put them to good use as a repository for your cards and small gifts or simply have them as decoration.
  • Vintage style globe: or any globe for that matter. Ours spins on its wooden base so you and your guest can travel the world without leaving the venue.
  • Message in a bottle:  this personalized message in a bottle adds to the travel theme. Ask us for hire details on this item.

Things you can beg, borrow and cadge to add to your travel theme

Scour charity shops and car boot sales, ask friends and neighbours if they have any of the following:

  1. Vintage cameras.
  2. Guide books and phrase books
  3. Maps and atlases
  4. Travel posters and bunting
  5. Travel writing books
  6. Vanity cases
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Old passports
  9. Old tickets and boarding passes
  10. Bunting and flags of the world
  11. Compasses, telescopes and binoculars

Any or all of the above will be easy to find or borrow from your family and friends.

This Pinterest page has loads of suitcase cake suggestions. Or take flight with a cake in aeroplane form.

How to Create a travel themed venue decor with more cash to splash

  1. Have the bridesmaid carry vanity cases instead of bouquets. So much the better if you can get hold of vintage ones. But any vanity cases will be fine. They don’t need to match. Go for an eclectic look.
  2. Instead of confetti make paper punches from maps. These would be great sprinkled on the tables at the reception too.
  3. Make a bouquet out of maps.
  4. If your wedding is a destination wedding make a signpost of the places where guests have travelled from.
  5. Use airmail stickers and Par Avion stationery for your invitations.
  6. Use luggage tags/labels as place settings.

Here again Pinterest is a rich source of travel theme ideas.

If you’ve got some ideas for a travel themed venue decor for your wedding or party and you want some help putting them into practice then speak to us! We love bouncing ideas around and seeing what we can do to make a plan come together.

Buzzfeed has 27 travel-inspired wedding ideas – so here’s our top picks from that article. If you’re clever at crafts you may well be able to reproduce some of them yourself.

Fabulous Functions UK has done its share of travelling and living abroad so we’re more than up to the job of being your travel courier. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Drop us a line on or call us on 07511 842 451.

If you’re feeling sociable, you’ll find us on the usual social media channels: FacebookTwitter and Instagram. There, you’ll see plenty of images of our work. Ditto Pinterest too.

Drop by and say hello. Or Hola, bonjour or even buongiorno.

Travel around the world with your travel themed venue decor- The team at Fabulous Functions UK can help you to create a fabulous themed decoration to transport you and your guests to marvellous locations.
Scenes from a Winter Wonderland Wedding-Fabulous Functions UK

Creating a Winter Wonderland Wedding: the back story

This is the story of turning a field into a winter wonderland wedding venue

A lot goes in to making a function fabulous. It’s a story in and of itself, of co-operation and collaboration with other suppliers.

There are those directly involved in the event concerned. The photographer, the cake supplier, the wedding planner (if it’s a wedding) and more.

And then there are the suppliers that the Fabulous Functions team works with to help us fulfil our role in creating the event concerned. Because magic doesn’t happen all by itself. Here’s a magical tale of some of what went in to creating a winter wonderland wedding.

The Team at Fabulous Functions UK received a call from Tom at Falding Fandangoes Tom had been asked to put on a marquee wedding and called on us to create the decor. We met the bride and groom to be and the brief was “We have this field and want a Winter Wonderland Wedding.”

We put our heads together and came up with a plan which the couple loved so we got to work with the preparations as the timeline was tight. We had just a 6 Weeks lead time to Wedding Day.

And then there are the suppliers that the Fabulous Functions team works with to help us fulfil our role in creating the decor for this winter wedding. Because magic doesn’t happen all by itself. Here’s a magical tale of some of what went in to creating a winter wonderland wedding.

This blog then comprises three snapshots of our role in meeting this brief from the soon-to-be bride and groom: ‘We have a field and we would like to get married in a Winter Wonderland.’ They tell a tale of some of the magic woven in creating this winter wonderland wedding, forming part of a wonderful whole.

Snapshot 1: Sew far so good

Creating a fabulous function takes as much time as the clients give you and collaboration from all the business you encounter as you go. We had roughly six weeks to dress an enchanting, winter wonderland wedding. We succeeded with the help of amazing business who simply said: ‘Yes’, when presented with one of my far-fetched ideas. The cooperation, kindness and patience encountered stirred the Fabulous Function’s heart.

Disaster strikes

In planning any big event, whether wedding, party, house move etc there’s bound to be hitches and hiccups. As a general rule of thumb, the proportion of aaarghsuch problems incur has a direct link to the time frame one is working in. Now six weeks is no time at all to plan a wedding, even if everything goes to plan. Imagine my horror then, when my sewing machine decided to go on strike. After weeks of hard work, out of the blue not a stitch more would it sew!  Time was of the essence, so a hasty Google search followed to find my nearest service point. Joy of joys, it turned out to be my old friend Sewcraft in Swindon

The times I’ve rung Roger and his team at Sewcraft, with a ‘Do you have …?’ His reply, if not ‘Yes, I have’, is always ‘No, but I’ll get it for you’. To which I say: ‘Great. Please don’t close till I get there, I’m on my way!’

For whom the bell tolls

Returning to the striking sewing machine – off I scooted, machine in tow, to see Roger. He took one look and in a grave voice uttered what I did NOT want to hear: ‘Sorry, I can’t fix it. It needs to return to the manufacturer.’ A how-do-you-do for sure! There I was with 180 fabric lengths to sew and no machine. Taking one look at my stricken face, Roger handed me a machine: ‘No problem. Take this one.’ With a soaring heart I took Sewcraft’s machine home to finish the chair décor for the winter wonderland wedding. Roger saved the day and I can’t thank them enough.

A beautiful winter themed table decor for this winter wonderland wedding themed decor.  Decor styling created by Fabulous Functions UK
Gorgeous chiffon drapes adorn the chairs

Snapshot 2: Let it snow!

You cannot have a winter wonderland themed wedding without snow. Not the real stuff – that would be messy. As would a snow machine. Not to mention the cost. So what does a smart event designer do in such a situation? She calls Jo Rigden of SED Develomentsof course! Jo, a fellow independent business owner, is a whizz with all things 3D printed. I explain what I want and Jo grunts and nods. She then does her thing with her CAD and her 3D printers.

‘Snowflakes’ I say to Jo. ‘No problem’ says she. The next day I find on my mat an envelope. It contains different sized, gorgeous, delicate, lacey snowflakes. Perfect! Exactly what a winter wonderland wedding needs! An authentic, romantic touch minus the slush.

But we didn’t stop with snowflakes. Jo also designed and printed table numbers for me. We had great fun getting them right. No 2 looked rather like a fat and ill-proportioned lady but I thought she had character!  Bucket loads of thanks to Jo for her patience and creativity in bringing my ideas to 3D life.

Snapshot 3 – Seeing the wood for the trees

What elements make a winter wonderland setting? Lots of white, lots of lights, something snow-related and lots of trees.

To tackle the trees issue I met up with Rob of  Ridgeway Tree Surgery & Countryside Management. I explained my ideas to him and he suggested I visit his yard to see what he had. And oh boy, did he have some beauties?! He had exactly what I needed to create the vision of wooded enchantment in my head. Because the branches were too big for my car, Rob offered to deliver them to me. Once I started on my twiggy creations I soon realised I needed more branches. As co-incidence would have it, I’d got a meeting arrange with David Boase of Lone Ranger Woodcraftand the Wild Frontier Family Forest School. Showing him a picture of what I wanted, David replied ‘Ok leave it with me.’ And, lo and behold, another pile of branches appeared.

Birch branches for a winter wonderland forest created by Fabulous Functions UK

Both Rob and David were kindness itself and went out of the way to help. Thank you – both of you.

The winter wonderland wedding scene that the Fabulous Functions team together created was as captivating as we’d planned and worked for. It captivated the bride and groom and wowed their guests. 

Elmar, of  Elmar Rubio Photography did a sterling job of capturing all the elements comprising this super, splendid, sparkly setting. 

To find out more about our services visit our About Us page. We love to learn about you and your vision for your very special day. Then we transform your venue into your very own wedding world. Call us for a chat today.

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Transform your venue with decor accessories

Decor Accessories Transform Your Venue

Use venue decor accessories to reflect your personalities and tastes

Venue decor accessories that  reflect the personalities of both you and your partner and act as a bridge for your theme and colour scheme can created a show stopping venue decor.

There are multiple options available to you in order to make this happen, such as purchasing certain pieces to decorate the venue so it has a particular style. This option can obviously end up being quite expensive, especially considering that you may not want or need the items after your big day.

Accessory hire 

Wedding decorations hire companies can help you find wedding accessories that’s really unique to you.
Did you know you can even hire a fabulous fake wedding cake to create that WOW factor for the decoration and photographs. Amazing …

Here are some ideas of beautiful items that you can hire from us and use them to transform your venue with decor accessories.

1. Ornamental step ladders can hold almost anything
If your venue or wedding has a shabby chic feel to it, a rustic style step ladder can be put to a multitude of uses. You can use it to display your seating plan, place photos of the happy couple on it, or even use it to hold wedding favours. We have a wooden stepladder available for hire that represents great value for money.

If in doubt, arrange flowers and lights on the steps in the colours of your wedding and you have a cheap yet versatile decoration. Using a wedding decorations hire company also means that you won’t have to haul the entire thing home, which is a bonus.


2. Photo frames can hold all sorts of things
You wouldn’t normally think to rent photo frames, but they can be used in all sorts of ways. Use them on each table to mark your table numbers.  Place artwork close to your heart in them to display,  put photos of happy memories of you and your loved one in them. The only limit is your imagination.

3. Lanterns lights and votives illuminate the way

If you’re holding the ceremony at night or in a darkened room, lanterns can be a beautiful lighting solution. Light the way to the aisle with lanterns, using flameless candles inside them, to create a warm glow.

Pair them with fairy lights, and you’ll have a venue out of a fairy tale. Alternatively, you can fill them with all manner of things to create centre pieces. Gems, baubles, beads, whatever you can think of! create a arm ambience with tea-lights

4. Vintage suitcases adds flair
If you love vintage fashion and design, you may be looking for vintage touches for your venue decor accessories, but perhaps are finding the prices a little too high for your budget. Wedding decorations hire companies can offer you that flair for a fraction of the price.
Vintage suitcases can be used to display photos or seating plans, hold wedding cards and gifts, or simply just to add to the existing decor.

Gold toned free standing easel-FabulousFunctionsUK-Accessory hire

5. A free standing easel displays information beautifully
On the day, your guests will need to know certain information. Attaching signs to doors does the job, but isn’t attractive. A free standing easel is an attractive and functional way to display signs or seating plan.

If you’ve been inspired, get in touch with The Fab Gift Boutique. You can hire all of the above items, and more. We are always adding to our range so if you cannot find what you are looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to source it for you.

Add a statement item of accessory to your venue decor with a fabulous silk flower wall. It creates a statement focal point and has many  uses in your venue.

Visit our accessory hire and treasure trove sections to see just how much we have on offer.

Wedding decorations hire companies can help you find wedding accessories that's really unique to you. Did you know you can even hire a fabulous fake wedding cake to create that Wow factor for the decoration and photographs. Amazing…

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