7 Amazing Wedding Backdrops Range

The Fabulous Functions Wedding Backdrops Range – now we often get enquires dropping into our inbox asking us what wedding backdrops we can offer couples as part of our hire service. The short answer to that is: a wide range. But that’s not too helpful is it? So, in this blog we’ll give you an overview of the Fabulous Functions backdrop range – we pride ourselves on its being quite extensive.

Wedding Backdrops Available for your Celebrations

1. Flower Walls

We have three fantastic flower walls available for you to hire.

The ROSELLA flower wall is blush pink and cream and. It comes in a 3 metre section to hire.

The FLORALIE wall is a hydrangea-based, cream-toned confection. Floralie measures 3 metres in width and 2.80 metres in height.

The OLALLA is an ombre flower wall backdrop featuring deep warm red florals at the base and graduating through vibrant fuchsias and pinks to warm whites at the top.

Artificial blooms they may be but their effect is not lessened in anyway. And they’re simply perfect if you – or any of your guests – have allergies. And such things are a serious consideration.

Even better – we do all the work for you. We put them up and we come and take them down again. All you have to do is sit or stand in front of them and glow, make beautiful memories and look back at your gorgeous pics!

2. Bespoke Hoops

Hung at different heights behind your top table, or sweetheart or ceremony area, these decorated hoops are a novel backdrop and make a wonderful photo or video. We can decorate them with foliage and/or blooms of your choice. What you see below is an example.

See the effect they create in this short YouTube clip – they move gently in the air. It’s quite mesmerizing.

3. The Starlight Backdrop

For good old-fashioned Hollywood opulence and glamour our starlight backdrop is unbeatable.

The standard setting is a warm, white twinkle. But with the accompanying colour wheels you can choose from a range of colours and twinkle styles. Or no lights at all if that’s what you want.

Wedding backdrops- White Voile Starlight  wedding decor hire from Fabulous Functions UK
Adding a starlight backdrop to your wedding setup creates an elegant and sophisticated setting for your top table or sweetheart table.

4. Drapes

Pleated and Draped Backdrops

We’ve actually got a full variety pack of drape backdrops that we can create for you.

A gorgeous setting for two. Draped backdrop with a sweetheart table and  pedestal arrangement

Draped fabric backdrop with a chandelier in the centre to form a classical, symmetrical arrangement.

Pole draped with fabric with a chandelier in the centre to form a classical, symmetrical arrangement. - fabulous functions backdrop range

The image above shows an asymmetric arrangement of classic white fabric with complementary floral embellishments and central chandelier. All ready for you and your loved one to exchange those glorious ‘I Do’s’.

Asymmetric pole arrangement of fabric and floral embellisments

Floral curtains: look at these gorgeous pleated white curtains topped with a pelmet of greenery. Or blossoms would work just as well for a more romantic look.

Floral curtains: gorgeous pleated white curtains topped with a pelmet of greenery or blossoms.

6. Floral Columns and Broken Arches

Consider framing your ceremony table with a pair of floral columns such as the ones in the image below. Isn’t that effective? The floral columns are a beautiful way to create focus and direct the attention of your guests.

Wedding Backdrops-Silk Floral Columns from Fabulous Functions UK

5. Make the Most of a Mantlepiece

If there’s an attractive mantelpiece in your venue don’t ignore it. Instead use it! 

Look what a stunning backdrop the mantlepiece you see below makes when dressed with beautiful foliage. Balanced with matching or complementary arrangements on the table and on the floor in front of the table, the effect is classic, elegant and stunning.

The Fabulous Functions Backdrop Range - dressed mantlepiece

7. Pentagon Arch Backdrop

We call our pentagon arch a dynamic backdrop. Meaning you get the most use out of it for your celebrations.

As it’s a double pentagon arch we set it up for your wedding ceremony, with the florals attached at various points on the arch. Then we move it to your wedding breakfast. You can keep it as a double arch behind your top table. Or separate it and use one part behind your top table and the other part to frame your cake table. Definitely a Win! Win! Win! situation!

What is not to LOVE!

To talk to us about any of these wedding backdrops in the Fabulous Functions Backdrop range and to find out hire costs call us on 07511 842 451.
We’ll advise and help you decide which one is best for you.

Fabulous Functions UK has a range of accessories to create fabulous  backdrops for your celebrations

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