Are Budget Wedding Backdrops Cost Effective? - Flowers on wire forming a curtain.

Budget Wedding Backdrops

Budget Wedding Backdrops – are they cost effective?

Are Budget Wedding Backdrops Cost Effective?

Are budget wedding backdrops cost effective? Or do they lead you down a rabbit hole of disappointment and frustrations? In this blog, we first ask the questions and then find the answers for you.

We do the research so you don’t have to

Being the fabulous wedding venue dressing service that we are, we spend quite some time doing our research for our clients and sometimes browse the Internet to see what’s new in the wedding and party dressing world.

It’s important to us – and in the end to you – that we’re up to date with the new trends in venue décor.

On a recent web crawl we came across an article about cheap, DIY wedding backdrops. We looked at this article and asked ourselves some questions:

1. Are budget wedding backdrops cost effective?
2. Are these suggestions at all realistic?
3. And what are the costs to you?

Long Years of practice

Bearing in mind that we’ve had years of practice at this, our quick answer to the question ‘Are Budget Wedding Backdrops Cost Effective? is: No. They aren’t. Not really!

Though there is of course ONE exception. IF you’re an arty/crafty type that makes handmade gifts on a regular basis this doesn’t apply to you.

Except for one cost area: time. Time, as they say, is money. So, even if you are capable of threading paper birds or butterflies on to lengths of wire and making it look amazing, will you, in the middle of all the other things to think about, have the time and energy for it?

One of the things we’ve seen touted as a budget alternative to a flower wall is a floral curtain similar to the one in the image below.

Are Budget Wedding Backdrops Cost Effective? - Flowers on wire forming a curtain.
Are Cheap Wedding Backdrops Cheap at all? -Floral curtain created with small florals in a rainbow of colours. A beautiful backdrop but time consuming to make and transport to the venue for installations.
We made this curtain from flowers threaded on wire. In this photo it’s on the door at home when we were making it. 

From personal experience we can tell you that an alternative flower wall or curtain such as this, might be relatively cheap. But  don't be taken in by the idea that its an easy alternative DIY project for your wedding  to make. 

It took ages – and it was tricky to transport to the venue without it getting as tangled as the Christmas fairy lights always seem to.

A Rapid Rethink

A friend of mine tells how, when planning her daughter’s wedding, the pair of them harboured vague money-saving notions and making their own invitations etc. But after spending an hour between them constructing a flat-pack cardboard favour box they had a rapid rethink. And off to the printer’s they went.
What dawned on them was that, even if they had particular skills in this area – which, by their own admission, they didn’t – they had neither the time nor the energy for it.

And that’s a big thing to consider.

Budget wedding backdrops don’t come cheap in practice

Well – most of the time anyway. Okay yes, you can get friends to save coffee jars etc for you. You can tie sting around the top and put a giant tea-light inside and hang them around your venue. A pretty feature for a rustic style décor. Something like this – if you keep them plain – will be cheap in terms of everything except time. Time in getting them made and then time in getting them hung at the venue.

But if you want to decorate or frost them, well the cost soon rises. Have a quick root round somewhere like Hobbycraft. Look at masking tape and spray paint etc – that will give you an idea of how cheap soon turns into not-so-cheap.

Too much to think about

Our feeling is this. Unless you’re Kirsty Allsop (and she has a big support team!) making your own venue décor backdrops, or other décor for that matter, is giving yourself too much to think about. And you’ve got enough – with dresses and suit hire and table plans and planning the honeymoon. To name but a few things you’ll need to tackle. Trust us. You don’t need this.

How to do wedding backdrops without bursting the budget

But there is a way to do it without busting the budget. And that’s to hire not to buy. Have a look at the accessory hire and treasure trove sections of our website. There you’ll find flower walls and other wedding backdrops along with globes, table plan ideas and much, much more. All available to hire.

You don’t see what you have in mind? That’s no problem. Send us a message via our webform or call us on: 00447511842451 and let’s get problem solving.

Be inspired by an Ombre Themed Wedding Decor

Ombre Themed Wedding Decor Inspiration

An idea for an ombre themed wedding decor was the driver for this incredible collaboration between like minded wedding suppliers

There really is no better way for wedding suppliers to show off their wares. Wedding fairs are an excellent way of giving prospective brides and grooms a sense of what you can offer them. Be it cakes, photography, video or venue dressing. Yet, as we’ve learned from experience, nothing is more effective or more heart-warming than a clutch of complementary wedding suppliers collaborating to recreate a wedding scenario that demonstrates what we can do.

In this post about Fabulous Functions UK in the media, we described our collaboration on a vintage themed photoshoot at Heythrop Park Resort on the edge of the Cotswolds. This time around the photoshoot action took place at The Bear Hotel in Hungerford, Berkshire. 

How it Happened

Earlier this year, Fabulous Functions UK collaborated with a group of wonderful suppliers to stage an open day at Hungerford’s Bear Hotel. Lots of couples came along and enjoyed meeting the suppliers there and booked us for their weddings.

So successful had the day been that the suppliers suggested to the hotel’s event’s manager, that we might use the hotel for a photoshoot. Vee and her term embraced the idea. They offered us the Riverside Suite for the purpose, and were excited about the transformation their gorgeous venue would undergo.

The Fabulous Functions UK team wanted to capture the joy of two people in love and who aren’t afraid to show it.

Our aim was to inspire couples to be more daring in their luxury wedding planning choices, by creating a luxurious and opulent décor that can be adapted to suit most venues. 

A Cascade of Colour

With rich, passionate burgundies and reds, through to coppers and golds to tones of blush pink and cream we created a vibrant colour range from the vibrant and bold to soft and delicate. All of it beautifully captured on camera by Barefoot Photography.

The First Step

The first thing we did was to get together with Louise of Wendy House Flowers. Together we devised a décor to stimulate the senses from the outset. We wanted the senses to dance a jig as they encountered the florals and the banquet style arrangement of guest tables. Louise, based in Lyneham, is a fantastic florist who encourages her clients to be brave in their choices.

For this photoshoot she created a gloriously wild bridal bouquet, full of colours and textures featuring grasses, clematis, wildflowers, roses and more.

The Decor

We decided on an ombre colour scheme, with shades ranging from rich burgundies full of passion, through to coppers and golds, all coming to rest on the sweetheart table with a cascading floral garland in tones of blush pink and cream.
Louise and I used a fabulous marriage of fresh and silk florals to create the centrepieces

Sweetheart table with cascading floral garland - ombre themed wedding decor
Sweetheart table with cascading floral garland in this ombre themed wedding decor inspiration

A flower cloud is such a statement piece! Bringing not a drop of rain but lashing of joy. Creating a golden halo above our couple. The cloud was created with a selection of mellow golden branches and romantic cream roses, pampas grass, ferns, gypsophila, roses, hydrangeas and much much more.

An Ombre Themed Wedding Decor Table Setting

A picture paints a thousand words. The images from our photoshoot at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford did just that. It shows an opulent venue setting created with gold-accented glassware and cutlery from Simon of Event Hire UK.
Even the agate slice details on the little golden glass boxes mirrored the ombre theme of the decor.

An Ombre-themed Wedding with gold edged glass charger platesPhotoshoot - table place setting
cupcakes nibbles for the guests displayed in a glass box with agate slice decor on the lid
Place setting of gold beaded edged glass charger plate with acrylic guest name plates - guest names written in gold coloured font and displayed on a  white folded  napkin.
Ombre themed tablescape featuring a colour range of  burgundy,  copper and gold through to pink and the palest blush pinks at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford
Acrylic guest seating plan featuring white font on a gold painted background.

The Pièce de Résistance

I always advise my brides not to hide their wedding cake, and by extension, the cake cutting ceremony, in a dark corner. Rather make a feature of it. And how better to make a statement to remember than with a Fabulous Functions UK flower wall?

Our fabulous peach and cream-toned flower wall made a wonderful backdrop for this glorious seven-tier crystal cake tower from
Fay’s Fairy Cakes.

Flower wall with crystal seven tier cake tower in front of it. Photoshoot at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford
You can use colour for your wedding  decor in some interesting ways. Here we suggest ways to use colours to created the WOW factor for your venue decor. See our ideas for an ombre themed venue decor

To see more images from the gorgeous photo shoot of this awesome ombre themed wedding decor visit the Mrs P and P blog here.

And to find out how Fabulous Functions UK can make
your wedding venue decor dreams come true, fill out our online form here and we’ll get right back to you. Or, if you prefer, call us on 00 44 7511 842 451.

Venue Styling Packages from Fabulous Functions UK

Our 4 Venue Styling Packages

Here at Fabulous Functions HQ we often get emails asking us either if we have venue styling packages for our venue dressing services. Or what they are. Well the answer to that first question is ‘Yes – we do’. And in answer to the second question … read on.

You can of course find information on all our venue decorating packages on our website. But here, to make it easy for you, is all you need to know about our venue styling packages in one place.

Venue Styling Packages

Here at Fabulous Functions we have four venue styling packages to choose from. These include three off-the-peg packages designed to suit different budgets. And one bespoke package. This latter one allows you the flexibility to input your own ideas and your budget. And we’ll work with you to realise your dreams to your specified budgets.

Venue Styling Packages from Fabulous Functions UK
  1. The Classic Package

    You gave us feedback. And we listened to you. You told us that you didn’t necessarily want the whole kit and caboodle of having us create table centrepieces and more besides. But yet some assistance is welcomed. Assistance that doesn’t mean you have to go spending precious money on buying chair covers, sashes and table runners to complete the venue styling.

    We thought that was a great suggestion! So, with those needs in mind we created the Classic Package.

    What the Classic Package Includes:
  • 50 Fitted chair covers
  • 50 Sashes – Choose from our range of fabrics including organza, taffeta, satin and lace.
  • 5 matching table runners
  • Top table swag in matching colours
  • Cake table swag
  • Post box for your guests to post their cards.

How much is the Classic Package?

The Classic Venue styling package is a value-for-money £299. This hire cost includes delivery to your venue within a 10-mile radius of Swindon.  Contact us for a quote for setup and delivery outside of the 10-mile radius.

You can of course add other ad-hoc accessories from our treasure trove of accessories to hire. Or you can opt for another of our more comprehensive packages – see below.

2. The A Touch of Glamour Package
This package does what says, as it includes the wonderful silk flower wall backdrop. Comprising silk rosebuds, open roses and peonies, and hydrangeas in luscious shades of white, off-white and blush-pink.

What the Touch of Glamour package includes

  • Flower wall-3m width
  • 50 x Fitted chair covers
  • 50 x sashes – choose from our range of fabrics – organza, taffeta, satin and lace.
  • 5 x matching table runners
  • Top table decoration
  • Top table swag in matching colours
  • Cake table swag in matching colours
  • 5 x Table decorations – e.g. martini glasses, bird cages, crystal globes
  • 50 x place cards
  • 5 x mirrored base plates
  • Tea-lights and candles
  • Scatter crystals
  • Post box for your guests to post their cards.

How much does the Touch of Glamour package cost?

This venue styling package packs a value punch at £599.

As with any of our pre-defined packages you can personalize it by adding other treasure trove accessories.

The hire cost of this package includes delivery to your venue within a 10-mile radius of Swindon. Contact us for a quote for setup and for delivery outside of the 10mile radius.

desert cacti pointing towards the sky

3. The Reach for the Stars Package

The Reach for the Stars venue styling package takes care of every detail leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself.

Our Reach for the Stars package has dressing your venue all wrapped up, including as it does our luxury silk flower wall backdrop. It’s sure to add a sophisticated and elegant note to your top-table, your cake-cutting ceremony or your photographs.

What the Reach for the Stars package includes:

  • Silk flower wall
  • 1 colour canopy of your choice
  • A pair of bay trees and coordinated pots of flowers
  • A top table silk flower garland or low arrangement
  • 50 x chair covers
  • 50 x sashes
  • 5 x table runners
  • 3 x Tea-lights and candles per table
  • 1 sequinned runner in gold, rose gold, silver or champagne (can be used for the top table, ceremony table or elsewhere if required)
  • 1 sequin tablecloth suitable for the cake table or display table
  • 5 x table centre piece from a choice of: Martini vases with silk flowers and LED pillar candles, gold lanterns with LED pillar candles, tall vase with LED pillar candles in a silk flower ring.
  • 5 x mirrored base plates
  • 50 x Guest favours filled with sweets
  • 1 x post box or wishing well treasure chest for cards
  • Gold, silver or wooden easel for the table plan
  • 50 x guest place cards
  • 5 x table numbers or table names
  • 8 x Personalised wine glass charms for the top table

How much?

The Reach for the Stars venue package is available to you for an inclusive hire cost of £750.

The hire cost of this package includes delivery to your venue within a 10-mile radius of Swindon. Contact us for a quote for setup and for delivery outside of the 10mile radius. Please contact us for a quote for setup and for delivery outside of this area.

NB: The lovely floral backdrop included in this package need not be restricted to weddings. It can equally grace the venue for any celebration or anniversary party. Indeed, it’s a perfect and novel background for events and presentations.

4. The Bespoke Venue Styling Package

We might describe this one as the how long is a piece of string approach.

It happens often, that couples at the start of their wedding planning journey don’t have any fixed ideas of how they want their venue to look. If that sounds like you then an off-the-peg venue styling package is ideal.

On the other hand, you might have a well-defined concept in your head, that isn’t covered by any of our pre-defined packages, fear not. Ask us about our made-to-measure styling service.

We can create for you a bespoke styling package. A package that unites your ideas, your personality and your interests and passions into a cohesive whole. You just tell us what you want and what your budget is and we’ll work with you to make your vision a beautiful reality. 

Pick up the phone and call us on 07511 842 451 to arrange a chat. 

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The Fabulous Functions Backdrop Range - dressed mantlepiece

The Fabulous Functions Backdrop Range

The Fabulous Functions Backdrop Range – now we often get enquires dropping into our inbox asking us what backdrops we can offer couples as part of our hire service. The short answer to that is: a wide range. But that’s not too helpful is it? So, in this blog we’ll give you an overview of the Fabulous Functions backdrop range – we pride ourselves on its being quite extensive.

1. Flower walls

We have two fantastic flower walls available for you to hire.

The ROSELLA flower wall is blush pink and cream and. It comes in two 3 metre sections to hire singly or together.

The FLORALIE wall is a hydrangea-based, cream-toned confection. Floralie measures 3 metres in width and 2.80 metres in height.

Artificial blooms they may be but their effect is not lessened in anyway. And they’re simply perfect if you – or any of your guests – have allergies. And such things are a serious consideration.

Even better – we do all the work for you. We put them up and we come and take them down again. All you have to do is sit or stand in front of them and glow!

Rosella is a blush pink and cream flower wall and Rosella is a peaches and cream themed flower wall. Both are available from Venue Stylist and Accessory Hire  Fabulous Functions UK.

2. Bespoke Hoops

Hung at different heights behind your top table, or sweetheart or ceremony area, these decorated hoops are a novel backdrop and make a wonderful photo or video. We can decorate them with foliage and/or blooms of your choice. What you see below is an example.

See the effect they create in this short YouTube clip – they move gently in the air. It’s quite mesmerizing.

3. The Starlight Backdrop

For good old-fashioned Hollywood opulence and glamour our starlight backdrop is unbeatable.

The standard setting is a warm, white twinkle. But with the accompanying colour wheels you can choose from a range of colours and twinkle styles. Or no lights at all if that’s what you want.

We often get enquires dropping into our inbox asking us what backdrops we can offer as part of our hire service. The short answer to that is: a wide range. But that’s not too helpful is it? So, in this blog we’ll give you an overview of the Fabulous Functions backdrop range - starlight backdrop
Adding a starlight backdrop to your wedding setup creates an elegant and sophisticated setting for your top table or sweetheart table.

4. Drapes

Pleated and Draped Backdrops

We’ve actually got a full variety pack of drape backdrops that we can create for you.

A gorgeous setting for two. Draped backdrop with a sweetheart table and  pedestal arrangement

Pole draped with fabric with a chandelier in the centre to form a classical, symmetrical arrangement.

Pole draped with fabric with a chandelier in the centre to form a classical, symmetrical arrangement. - fabulous functions backdrop range

The image above shows an asymmetric pole arrangement of classic white fabric with complementary floral embellishments. All ready for you and your loved one to exchange those glorious ‘I Do’s’.

Asymmetric pole arrangement of fabric and floral embellisments

Floral curtains: look at these gorgeous pleated white curtains topped with a pelmet of greenery. Or blossoms would work just as well for a more romantic look.

Floral curtains: gorgeous pleated white curtains topped with a pelmet of greenery or blossoms.

Consider framing a table with a pair of floral columns such as the ones in the image below. Isn’t that effective?

Frame a table with a pair of floral columns such as this. Fabulous functions backdrop range

5. Make the most of a mantlepiece

If there’s an attractive mantelpiece in your venue don’t ignore it. Instead use it! 

Look what a stunning backdrop the mantlepiece you see below makes when dressed with beautiful foliage. Balanced with matching or complementary arrangements on the table and on the floor in front of the table, the effect is classic, elegant and stunning.

The Fabulous Functions Backdrop Range - dressed mantlepiece

To talk to us about any of these backdrops in the Fabulous Functions Backdrop range and to find out hire costs call us on 07511 842 451.
We’ll advise and help you decide which one is best for you.

Fabulous Functions UK has a range of accessories to create fabulous  backdrops for your celebrations

Social Media

Of course we’re on social media. There you can see what we’ve been upto and get a further feel for what we do and how we work. Find us on Instagram here and Facebook here. 

And if you prefer a good old fashioned phone call, you’ll find all our contact details here.

And, before you go, do check out the rest of our blog for more inspiration in wedding decor. You’ll find that here

Rosella-Silk Flower Wall - Available from Fabulous Functions UK

Four Ways to Use Flower Walls

Four Ways to Use Flower Walls to Add Pizzazz to Your Venue

Flower walls: It started back in 2014 with Kim and Kanye. As Brides.Com points out, from the day they tied the knot in front of a wall of white peonies, roses and gardenias, special occasions have seen flower wall frenzy. And with good reason. Not only are they beautiful, they’re versatile too. And, with silk flower walls, you can avoid the pitfalls of wilting flowers if it’s too warm and triggering hayfever in your guests.

Perfect for all year round, they’re a great way to bring nature to your venue décor without the difficulties of actually being in nature!

Readily available to hire silk flower walls such as those in the Fabulous Functions UK hire shop, are cost effective too.

So, here’s our top four suggestions for ways to use a floral focal point at your wedding or other special occasion.

Explore these ideas 

  1. A backdrop to your vows – this is how it all started with Kim and Kanye. You too can declare your love for each other with a romantic, floral backdrop.
  2. Draw attention to something: Use a flower wall to make something a focal point:
  • Behind the cake cutting corner
  • Behind a spread of desserts
  • The top table  backdrop at the wedding breakfast
  • Use it to display escort cards
  1. Make it a master of disguise

On the other hand, use a flower wall to disguise something in your venue that’s a little less than attractive. An ugly fireplace for instance.

  1. Make it do double duty

 Your flower wall’s first duty is to provide a glamorous backdrop to your ceremony. That done, it can become a wonderful photo booth backdrop or selfie station – or both. Selfie sticks at the ready – say cheese! Great photos guaranteed.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that the flower wall isn’t only for weddings. We’ve taken the Fabulous Functions UK flower wall to functions of all kinds.

And remember the versatility and practicality of faux flowers that we alluded to earlier. No watering, no wilting, no sneezing!

Fabulous Functions UK has two glorious flower walls available for hire: Rosella and Floralie 

Floralie - Silk flower wall available from Fabulous Functions UK
Floralie – a cream toned silk flower wall
Rosella - blush pink and cream silk flower wall
Rosella – blush pink and cream silk flower wall

Visit the hire section on our website to see images of the flower walls doing their fantastic flowery thing. Or to enquire contact us on 00 44 7511 842 451 or

There’s lots of fab flower wall photos on our social media streams too. Instagram here and find us on Facebook here.

For more ideas check our our Pinterest board.