Floating Wedding Cake Stand

One way to make a big impression on your wedding guests is to have a stand-out, showstopper of a dessert or wedding cake stand or table. There are of course many ways to achieve that depending on your budget, your tastes and your décor theme if you have one.

Whatever you opt to go for, cohesion is key to a wedding cake stand or table that works. Put another way: choose a cake/dessert table that complements the cake or desserts you’re serving. 

Floating Wedding Cake Stand

For a truly stunning way to display your wedding cake, you’d be hard pressed to beat our fabulous, floating wedding cake stand.

Floating flower wedding cake table with sequinned table linen

The stand comprises two x 1 metre diameter, transparent perspex discs that create the illusion of your cake floating above the table.

The 20cm gap between the two discs offers decorative opportunities. In this image the gap is filled with flowers. But you could use fairy lights or small baubles – anything you fancy in fact.

For a unified look, why not opt to fill the space between the discs with flowers that match or complement the blooms in your bouquet and colour scheme? Either keep the blooms between the discs or, for a romantic look, let them spill down the sides of the table.

Or, if you’re hiring our flower wall, why not fill the gap in this stand with matching silk flowers – perhaps interspersed with battery-operated, twinkly fairy lights for a soft and romantic look? Alternatively, garlands of pearls, rose petals, or shiny, translucent glass nuggets that catch the light will all make super effective fillings for the space between the discs. 

We’ve found that the floating wedding cake stand looks super glamorous atop one of our sequinned table cloths. And it’ll look even better if you’re using the sequinned cloths on the rest of the tables too! 

But really, as with anything, the only limits are with your imagination. 

Floating Wedding Cake Stand
Floating Wedding Cake Stand

You’ll find hire details for our floating wedding cake stand on the Fabulous Functions website here.

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