Wedding Chair Decoration

A How-To Guide to Wedding Chair Decoration

Your wedding chair decoration is an important feature for your venue decor. Whether you are having a small intimate wedding with close friends and family or a large Do, your guests will notice your chairs.

There are so many ways to decorate your chairs to make them unique to you, rather than a copy and paste of every other wedding you go to.

So here are some ideas to create your fabulous chair decor.

1. Multiple Sashes

Shimmering organza sases are used to dress these wedding chairs. They are perfectly aligned and ready for the ceremony

Here we used oranges and golden brown organza sashes to create a warm autumnal feel for this wedding in Wiltshire.

Lilac taffeta sashes with an overlay of shimmering platinum  organza sashes for this gorgeous venue decor-Fabulous Functions UK

A combination of taffeta and organza sashes are used to create this layered effect chair decor. Using a combination of colours and fabrics can create an interesting effect and add a bit of drama to your decor.

2. Add Flowers

Wedding chairs are decorated with  gorgeous sparkling organza sashes and decorated with a small posy tucked into the back of the bows

Create an interesting scene by adding a small posy tucked into the bows at the back of your venue chairs. Look how beautiful these are. Perfect for most venues.

3. Rustic or Shabby Chic

chair decoration hessian look linen sash embellished with roses and greenery | Fabulous Functions UK | Swindon | Wiltshire

Are you planning a rustic themed wedding decor? Using hessian is a great way to add a little bit of the rustic or shabby chic charm to your venue.

4. Create Your Aisle Decor

Floral curtains: gorgeous pleated white curtains topped with a pelmet of greenery or blossoms.

Adding small posies to your aisle chairs will create a lovely passage to your ceremony table.

6. Feathers and Pearls

30s era venue styling -chair adornments
30s era venue styling -chair adornments composed of a floral and pearl beads decor with a contrast of black feathers.

7. Sequinned Chair Covers

Sequinned Chair covers add to the drama of your vintage styled theme

These bespoke sequinned chair covers are a creative way to add an air of glamour and sophistication to your venue decor

8. Ribbons for a Festival Theme

Ribbons can be used to create a festive feel to your venue decor -Fabulous Functions UK
Image courtesy of Matt Fox Photography

Use ribbons for your wedding chair decoration for a festival or carnival atmosphere to your decor.

9. Fabric

Decorate your wedding chairs with lengths of chiffon and  secure them with sating ribbons- Fabulous Functions UK
Chiffon vertical drapes are used in a sophisticated weaved design to dec orated these chiavri chairs design created by Fabulous Functions UK

Image courtesy of Joseph Dart Photography.

You can use lengths of fabric in so many different ways to decorate your chairs. Chiavari chairs are perfect for a draped or weaved decor. Simple elegant, sophisticated.

10. I Don’t Want to Decorate My Chairs

You may not want to decorate your chairs because your venue has beautiful chairs and you are happy with them.

You may want to invest in fabulous statement table linen such as this ultra fab gold sequinned table linens. They will lend a glamorous air to your decor for sure.

Awesome ideas for decorating your venue chairs for your wedding and celebrations
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