Candelabra to hire

Few things say romance and glamour more than candelabra.* So why not grace your function with this gorgeous glass five-arm candelabra to hire?

If you’re opting for a sweetheart table rather than dealing with the potential complications of a top table, then this candelabra makes a fabulous focal point, as you can see from these pictures. It will draw all eyes to you and your betrothed.

Candelabra to hire from Fabulous Functions UK


Candelabra to hire details

Measuring a majestic 96cms centimetres high, the hire cost for the crystal candelabra is £50.00

It’s a popular item in our accessory hire section, so should you be interested in hiring it for your wedding or function then, take the advice of Fred Pontin and book early! All our contact details are on our website here.

Did you know?

*Based on the Latin forms, the correct singular is candelabrum and the plural is candelabra. But, in practice candelabra is used more and more as the singular form, with the plural as candelabras.

In the Oxford English Corpus these forms are commoner than the traditional ones and are coming to be regarded as part of standard English.


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